About the Journal

Name of Journal: Center for Management Science Research

Journal Frequency: Biannual

ISSN (Online):  3006-5291

ISSN (Print) :  3006-5283

Language:  English

 The Center for Management Science Research (CMSR) Journal stands as a beacon for scholars and practitioners alike, illuminating the ever-evolving landscape of business and organizational decision-making. Its pages brim with cutting-edge research, insightful analyses, and practical applications, all meticulously crafted to advance our understanding of the intricate dynamics within the management domain.

A Focus on Rigor and Relevance:

The CMSR Journal prioritizes rigorous scholarship, demanding high-quality research that adheres to the strictest academic standards. This dedication to methodological soundness ensures that published articles possess both theoretical depth and practical relevance, offering valuable insights that can be readily translated into real-world solutions.

Broadening the Scope of Management Inquiry:

The journal's scope extends far beyond traditional management disciplines, embracing a diverse range of research areas. From the intricacies of organizational behavior and strategic decision-making to the burgeoning frontiers of data analytics and technological innovation, the CMSR Journal fosters a platform for cross-disciplinary dialogue and exploration.

A Catalyst for Innovation and Progress:

The journal serves as a catalyst for innovation and progress, not only within the academic sphere but also within the broader business community. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, the CMSR Journal empowers practitioners with evidence-based insights to inform their decision-making and drive organizational success.

Key Features of the Journal:

  • Peer-reviewed articles: All published articles undergo rigorous peer review by renowned experts in the field, ensuring the highest standards of quality and scholarly merit.
  • Thematic focus: Each issue of the journal features a thematic focus on a specific area of management research, allowing for in-depth exploration of current trends and challenges.
  • Case studies and practitioner insights: The journal incorporates case studies and practitioner insights alongside academic research, providing valuable real-world context and practical applications for the findings presented.
  • Open access option: The journal offers an open access option, making its content readily accessible to a wider audience of scholars, practitioners, and students alike.