Withdrawal Policy

The Center for Management Science Research (CMSR) is committed to fostering high-quality research in the field of management science. This policy outlines the procedures for withdrawing research projects or manuscripts submitted to CMSR programs, initiatives, or publications.

1. Types of Withdrawals:

  • Project Withdrawal: This applies to withdrawing a research project from any CMSR program, grant, or funding opportunity before the project commences.
  • Manuscript Withdrawal: This applies to withdrawing a manuscript submitted for consideration in any CMSR publication, including journals, conferences, or working paper series.

2. Project Withdrawal:

  • To withdraw a project, the principal investigator (PI) must submit a written notification to CMSR outlining the reason for withdrawal.
  • The notification should be emailed to [insert email address] and addressed to the Director of CMSR.
  • Any funds already disbursed by CMSR must be returned in full upon project withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal before project commencement will not have any negative consequences on future applications to CMSR programs.

3. Manuscript Withdrawal:

  • Authors can withdraw their manuscript at any stage of the review process, up to the point of final acceptance for publication.
  • To withdraw a manuscript, all authors must agree to the withdrawal and submit a joint written notification to CMSR.
  • The notification should be emailed to [insert email address] and addressed to the relevant editor/journal/conference chair.
  • Manuscripts withdrawn before peer-review will not be included in any CMSR publication records.
  • Manuscripts withdrawn after peer-review but before final acceptance may be included in reviewer databases for future reference, but will not be published.

4. Consequences of Withdrawal:

  • Withdrawing a project or manuscript after the stipulated deadlines may result in delays or ineligibility for future submissions to the relevant program/publication.
  • Repeated withdrawals without valid justification may be taken into consideration during future evaluation of proposals or submissions.